DISC Self-Score Book

Take DISC profiling offline - the fun and easy way to prepare your DISC profile in the classroom, training room, or anywhere at all.

Behavioural modelling provides a framework through which to consider not only your behavioural characteristics, but also the behaviour of the people you interact with. In turn this provides you with a crystal ball through which to consider how you may react under different circumstances and how best to interact with others.

How does it work?

Create and interpret a DISC profile in three fun and easy steps:

  1. Complete the included DISC questionnaire

  2. Following the instructions, draw the DISC graphs

  3. Compare and match the DISC graphs to the typical shapes included in the book, to obtain a detailed behavioural analysis.

Our DISC Products

We're an accredited partner of Discover Profiles - the powerful, accessible and user-friendly DISC profiling solution.

Online DISC Profiling

Discover Profiles is a complete online DISC profiling solution, combining advanced questionnaire, candidate and profile management with job profiling and matching.

This easy-to-use system is suited to businesses looking to easily coordinate and manage DISC profiles - it's also ideal for recruiters, trainers and business coaches.

Self-Score Book

A fun do-it-yourself solution which provides a thorough introduction to DISC. Readers complete the included DISC questionnaire and are guided through the process of drawing their own DISC graphs. Readers then interpret their profile by comparing it to the 48 included master profiles.

This solution is ideal for DISC profiling in training and team-building sessions.

Training & Accreditation

Our DISC training programs are designed to give you the maximum benefit in a miminum amount of time.

Accreditation Training

Participants will be accredited to apply DISC behavioural profiling as a Human Resource development and training tool delivering programs in a range of applications such as in team building, negotiation skills, face to face communications, change management and culture change.

Awareness Training

Participants will be competent at analysing behaviour within the workplace and the preferred behavioural style of an individual. Most importantly, participants will learn the application of behavioural profiling as a Human Resource development and training tool.

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