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Since 1991 Corporate Plus has provided consulting services related to Human Resource Management, General Business Consulting and Business Coaching. Based in Sydney we have representation throughout Australia and have provided our services both within Australia and internationally including in countries such as America, South Africa, Hong Kong, China, Brunei, Malaysia and more.

Our consultants have many years of business experience at senior level in a number of industries both nationally and internationally. They are in a position to objectively consider your requirements and assist in the development and implementation of a program to address any issues such as falling market share, cash-flow management or employee morale.

  • Individual, team and management development programs

  • Effective recruitment and retention programs

  • Behavioural and aptitude profiling and development

  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Human Resource Consulting

  • Business Planning and Change Management

  • Business Improvement Programs (BIP)

  • Employee Opinion and 360° surveys

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Financial Management

General Business Consulting

Business Coaching

Our tailored business coaching solutions are intended to:

  1. Assist you in setting up a business in the first instance, and/or;

  2. Consider all aspects of your current business and put in place a plan for sustained profit and growth.

We achieve this by addressing a wide range of concerns which affect how you do business, including:

  • Financial Management: how aged are your debtors, do you have a process to bring in old accounts; is there an opportunity to decrease expenses, are you effectively managing your accounting system?

  • Sales: what’s your win rate, can the number of successful sales be increased, have you got a win/loss process to learn from?

  • Marketing: what customer account management system do you have, are you managing your pipeline effectively. Can your marketing collateral be improved on and what’s your advertising strategy?

  • Distribution: how are you bringing your product/service to market, do you/should you have a retail outlet, have you got distributors, do you use the internet and if so is it effective?

  • Business planning: have you got a business plan? We can help you put it together.

  • Customer Satisfaction: do you monitor Customer Satisfaction?

  • Employee morale: are your employees as productive as they could be? A happy skilled workforce is a productive workforce!

  • Employee development: Can you improve their development plans to optimise their performance and morale?

  • Recruitment: What system do you have in place to ensure you employ the right person for the job?

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