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We pride ourselves on forming long-term relationships with our clients. We work closely with our global partners so that we can provide a wider range of products and services to better meet our clients' needs.

John Hartigan & Associates

John Hartigan & Associates is a specialist Human Resources & Industrial Relations provider that has been operational for more than 11 years (initially Sydney-based and now based in North Queensland).

North Queensland DISCovery Team

North Queensland DISCovery Team's workshops include:

  • Introduction to DISC

  • Effective Recruitment

  • Managing Performance

  • Succession Planning

  • DISC in Sales

The Tilbury Group

The Tilbury Group provides an extensive range of integrated management systems and services tailored to meet individual client needs. These services are geared to improving the effectiveness of individuals and to enhancing the overall productivity and performance of client organisations. They also distribute our DISC products and services in Victoria, Australia.

The Virtual Training Company

TVTC provide a complete range of services to satisfy all your training needs including:

  • Determining the best method of training delivery

  • Tracking skills acquisition

  • Planning paths for IT vendor certification programs

  • Selecting the most appropriate training provider

  • Booking & confirming courses

  • Sourcing courses & co-ordinating availability

  • Tracking monthly training expenditures

  • Tracking attendance & completion

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