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DISC Awareness Training

On completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise and describe the characteristics of the DISC behavioural types.

  • Understand the different motivators, fears and values of the behavioural types.

  • Interpret the graphs provided by the systems and provide detailed feedback.

  • Facilitate the behavioural profiling process and utilise the outcome.

  • Understand the applications for the DISC system and identify those which would benefit their organisation.


  • The history and background of DISC Profiling.

  • Graphs – analysing and linkages.

  • The consistent characteristics, motivators, fears and values of each DISC type.

  • Job profiling – facilitation and application

  • Real world applications for the profiling system.

Key Content

Designed to give participants a working understanding of the theory, background and application of DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance) behavioural profiling. This is delivered in the context of the application of DISC theory in Human Resource Management. Participants will be competent at analysing behaviour within the workplace and the preferred behavioural style of an individual. Most importantly, participants will learn the application of behavioural profiling as a Human Resource development and training tool.

Anybody in the organisation who would benefit from an understanding of DISC behavioural profiling and its application in the organisation such as:

  • Employees involved in recruitment wishing to improve the process.

  • Sales managers wishing to have a framework through which to better understand their own behaviour and that of their clients with a view to increasing sales.

  • Teams of people who wish and or need to improve their team’s effectiveness.

  • Managers wishing to use DISC profiling as an aid to people management.


  • Attendees: A maximum of 16 people is recommended.

  • Delivery: Syndicate group work, role-plays, group discussions, observation and feedback.

  • Duration: 1 day

  • Prerequisites: None

  • Resources:

    • A room large enough to accommodate up to 20 people in small clusters of tables or horseshoe shape of chairs.

    • Overhead projector, whiteboard and flipchart.

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