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In essence, we help you do business smarter.

Corporate Plus is an Australian-based business consulting and training provider with an holistic approach to business needs, covering key areas of:

  • Behavioural & Aptitude Profiling

  • Development & Training (online and traditional)

  • Business & Organisational Consulting

  • Human Resource Management

  • Value-added services to enhance and complement a company's systems

  • Employee Selection, Appraisal & Development, and Recruitment Consulting

About Us


Understand people better. Online profiling, self-score books, accreditation training and more.

Business planning and improvement, HR management and development, staff feedback and 360° surveys.

Tailored training programs to meet your specific needs in the context of organisational and Australasian culture.

Get the information you need to determine a candidate's eligibility for a role or training program.

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